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The Pushpull system co., Ltd is specialized developing company especially for door-lock system, swept gold prizes at 2013 Korean pat-patent show, awarded two gold prizes as well as 2 more special prize at 2014 year in Moscow International new technology show, also awarded Gold prizes including 3 special prizes, awarded Gold and special prizes at Pittsburg show for the Evolutional and innovative top designed Pushpull door-lock system.



About Push-Pull System

1. It is easily opened by pulling or pushing, without grabbing a hold of it, as we don’t need to turn the doorlock to open

2. The elderly and the infirm, children and handicapped persons can also open the door using a part of their body.

3. It can prevent an infection, as we can use, without grabbing it with our own hands, the knob of public place many people use.

4. It can do florescence induction mark in the darkness in an emergency such as blackout.

5. As it is possible to manufacture various shapes or sizes of knobs, corporations such as construction company can make characteristic doorlock with company’s own logo or image, and we can express our own personality by changing the material for the front of knob freely with wood, leather, marble, or glass.

6. We can lock the door using locking device if necessary, and everyone can easily install it to the position of knob of the existing doorlock


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PUSHPULL Design Pattern (Simbol)